Supporters of Abigail Fisher Petition For “Soul Man” Mark Watson on $20 Bill

SOUL MAN, from left: C. Thomas Howell, Rae Dawn Chong, 1986. ©New World Pictures/courtesy Everett Co

While the opponents of Harriet Tubman’s inclusion as the portrait on the $20 bill have quieted since it was first announced in April 2016, that has...

Unknown, Former CIA Operative Gaining In GOP Backing Against Trump

Top Secret!

A completely unknown, unnamed Republican, only known as a former CIA operative is currently gaining followers in the GOP as they are backing away from Donald...

Leading Democratic Gay Activist Outed As Straight During DNC

Chadwick F. Baker

A tremendous feeling of shock was felt as Rep. Chadwick F. Baker (D- NJ) was forced to resign from his lead chair position at the DNC....