Climate Change Debunked By Republican Senator: “I Don’t Feel That Hot”

This is the Earth. This is the Earth on drugs. Any questions?

While NASA believes that we may be experiencing the hottest year in recorded history, as their midyear climate analysis shows, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe has said...

National Food Poisoning Epidemic Turns Out To Be Distaste Over Current Political Climate

If you think you feel sick now, wait till the debates start.

The CDC has released some information that many will find troubling and potentially disheartening. As many strains of sickness have seemed to affect millions, from coast...

Mike Pence So Unloved And Unimportant That Royalty Free Photos Of Him Do Not Exist

Oh my goodness, look how cute those kittens are! Screw you, Mike Pence!

Sometimes you start your way towards one story and stumble upon something else. This is the earmark of good, old fashioned American journalism. The best and...