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France Bans Burkinis In Case Terrorists Decide To Go On Holiday

A group of women enjoy their time on a boat… even the Muslim woman is having fun. Isn’t that wild?

In a move that most people don’t even know how to respond to, five towns in France have banned the “burkini” which is a full-body bathing...

Major Terrorist Organizations To Use Sarcasm As Main Weapon If Trump Becomes President

It used to be that it was easy to tell who a terrorist was, but then they stopped wearing ski masks.

During a town hall meeting between the majority of the major terrorist organizations in the world, quite a few line items were discussed, last night. One...

Trump To Stop Watching Olympics Due To Injuries: “They were too exciting!”

Donald Trump With Marine Corps Foundation Commandants

Presidential Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has reportedly had to cease watching the rest of the Olympic games. Due to the graphic nature of the recent injuries...